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How you can help

We believe in doing more. We strive to create supplements that do more and want to do more as a company.

Every purchase you make won’t just help with your fitness goals, but it will help others too. Each month we will give 5% of all sales to charity.

We will choose a new charity each month to be our charity of the month. The chosen charity will then receive a portion of sales for that month as a donation.

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Charity of the Month:

Adaptive Sports Foundation

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Why We Chose This Charity

Sometimes the greatest motivator is someone telling you that you cannot do something. We chose the Adaptive Sports Foundation because they help show disabled individuals that their disability should never stop them from living the life they want to live.

The Adaptive Sports Foundation provides sports and recreational opportunities to thousands of children and adults with both cognitive and physical disabilities and is one of the top adaptive sports programs in the country.

If this charity appeals to you and you want to help these spectacular individuals, then a portion of everything you buy this month will go to help these heroes.

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