We’re looking for fitness influencers who have a drive for fitness and want to motivate others. You should be the type of person who is active, motivated, and passionate about the fitness community and ourbrand, NutriFierce.

NutriFierce Brand Ambassadors are people who believe in quality supplements and pride themselves on helping people lead healthier lives through supplementation and exercise.

Requirements and responsibilities

  • Must have a minimum of 1,000 social media followers or subscribers on a single platform
  • NutriFierce Ambassadors must post a minimum of 2-3 times per week with a total of 10 posts / month promoting NutriFierce
  • Cannot represent, be sponsored by, support, or promote any other supplement company
  • Actively encourage followers to engage and use LionBlast
  • Tag @nutrifiercesupp in all Instagram posts and / or link to the website in all other social media posts
  • Use the hashtag #nutrifierce on all product posts
  • Disclose in your social media bio that you are a NutriFierce ambassador
lionblast preworkout

Rewards and Benefits

  • Free LionBlast pre-workout supplements every month as needed (maximum of 2 per month)
  • 20% Store Discount on everything you purchase
  • Commission rate of 15% on all referral sales you send to us
  • Earnings can be redeemed for store credit, cash, gift cards, or Amazon gifts
  • Monthly bonus of $100 if you achieve 25 supplement referral sales in one month
  • Occasional bonuses of free gear and swag
  • Social media shout outs from the official NutriFierce Instagram page

What does it cost?

It’s 100% FREE!


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    We look forward to having you join our team!

    All applicants will know within 24 hours if they’re approved to become a NutriFierce ambassador. Not all applicants will be approved. We base our decisions on multiple factors such as number of followers, frequency of posts, average number of likes per recent posts, etc.

    Only a limited number of spots remain!