3 Benefits to Taking Pre-Workout to Study

benefits to taking pre-workout to study

About a decade ago, people only considered a pre-workout to be something you consume before an intense workout. Nowadays, pre-workout supplements are slowly becoming as common as drinking coffee to jump start your energy. More interestingly enough, more and more college students are realizing the benefits in taking pre-workouts to study.

You’re probably wondering, “isn’t that dangerous?” Actually it’s perfectly safe. As long as you follow the directions and label warnings, there is no harm to using pre-workouts before studying . Consuming pre-workout before studying has several benefits.

1. Increases Energy

Like with any stimulant, such as coffee or energy drinks, pre-workouts are no different. Packed with heaping doses of caffeine and stimulants, pre-workouts are a surefire way to boost your energy quickly. Sometimes when staying up late and needing so badly to stay awake, you need something to ensure you won’t fall asleep while studying boring textbook material. Consuming a pre-workout can ramp up your energy levels for more wakefulness and alertness before you hit the books.

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However, high caffeine doses aren’t for everybody. Typically the amount of caffeine in a pre-workout is higher than most supplements. The solution in this scenario is to assess your tolerance level. Some might benefit from consuming half of the normal dose of pre-workout before studying. Alternatively, others are fine with taking the normal dose of pre-workout before a study session.

Another tidbit to consider is if the pre-workout contains theanine with the caffeine. Theanine helps block the negative effects of caffeine, such as the crash and the nervousness some caffeine-sensitive individuals experience. Thus, always look for a pre-workout containing theanine and caffeine for those all night study session.

2. Boosts Focus

We’ve all been there. You’re reading through your textbook and lecture notes, then your mind starts to drift off to other topics such as what’s on TV tonight, something you meant to tell your friend, or replaying the events from the day in your mind. Before you know it, you read the entire page of your textbook but have no recollection of what you just read. If only you could stay focused.

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Some college students unfortunately turn to drugs like Ritalin and Adderall for focus. Turning to pre-workouts to increase your focus and mental edge is a safer option than turning to focus enhancing pharmaceuticals. Luckily, some pre-workouts center solely on getting you more focused.

Typically these would be pre-workouts that contain nootropics and focus enhancing ingredients to give you intense, razor sharp mental clarity. Once you start using nootropics, you may not even realize the effects because you’ll be experiencing tunnel vision focus. Sounds like it’s time to mix up a scoop of pre-workout before your next term paper and become more focused.

3. Heightened Mood

Lastly, pre-workouts can heighten your mood and mental motivation. You’ve been there before. You had a long day from school and you are mentally exhausted. Then, you just don’t feel like sitting down and studying for the next couple of hours. Everybody can use a motivation boost in these situations. Pre-workouts are packed with ingredients to help you feel better, amplify your mood, and increase your motivation.

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Most notably, you should look for ingredients like agmatine sulfate. Agmatine sulfate not only increases blood flow but also improves mood, reduces depression, lowers stress, and boosts brain functions. Another mood boosting ingredient to look for in a pre-workout is tyrosine. This powerful ingredient helps increase levels dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine in the body to heighten your mood. Lastly, look for pre-workouts containing taurine. Taurine improves focus and boosts your mood by decreasing anxiety.

College students understand the stress and anxiety related to college life. It requires optimal academic performance, time management, and juggling additional stresses related to life, work, and / or athletics. Supplementing with a pre-workout which reduces anxiety and boosts mood can be a positive addition to your regime.

In conclusion, taking pre-workout to study can possess significant benefits and advantages when taken safely as recommended. Face it, we all want to be ahead of the game.

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