Preworkout Gummies: How LionBlast was Created

pwr bears preworkout gummies

It might sound crazy, but LionBlast developed from an unrealized idea called PWR Bears: Preworkout Gummies.

After college, I always wanted to start a fitness related business but lacked the capital at the time. Fast forward several years later, I finally saved up enough capital to do something but the question was “what?” When getting ready for the gym one day, I saw my brother wearing a new workout t-shirt which read, “Deadlifts and Gummy Bears”. The phrase made zero sense to me. What do gummy bears have to do with deadlifts? What do gummies have to do with fitness? Then when I got to the gym and thought about it more, it hit me. What if someone made preworkout gummy bears?

When I came home, I did the research to see if even such a thing existed. At the time, no company was selling preworkout gummies. There existed gummy flavored powder preworkouts but no preworkouts in the form of a gummy bear. I finally had my idea. I wanted to create the first ever preworkout gummy product available for sale.

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How Do You Make Preworkout Gummies?

Now came the research and development phase. Before contacting supplement manufacturers, I wanted to test if the feasibility of this idea. My goal was to make a test batch in my kitchen to see if it tasted good, it could fit essential preworkout ingredients in each serving size, and it actually gave you results equivalent to a powdered preworkout.

The easy part was making gummy bears. The hard part was narrowing down a preworkout ingredient list to fit a serving size of 10 gummies. For the first batch, I used regular Jell-o to flavor it for test purposes and some essential preworkout ingredients including citrulline malate. The end result tasted like vomit. The citrulline malate made it an extremely, bitter, stomach churning sour flavor.

Finally, after seemingly endless failed attempts, I got the formula just right and with some amazing flavors (cherry and peppermint). The next test was to see if they actually produced the same results as a powdered preworkout. To my surprise, my formula of preworkout gummies actually gave just as good of a workout as if I took a powdered preworkout supplement.

Presenting “Pre-Workout Gummies” to Manufacturers

With an existing formula, I assumed it would be a piece of cake to get preworkout gummies developed. I reached out to several supplement manufacturers with my formula to get price quotes on development. While anxiously awaiting their responses, I even developed the packaging and a name for these preworkout gummies. Since they gave you power and were gummy bears, I went with PWR Bears (couldn’t call them Power Bears because some church owned that name).

pwr bears preworkout gummies

Finally, I heard back from the manufacturers. Very few had gummy manufacturing equipment. The ones who did, said they couldn’t use my formula. Their reasoning was because these preworkout gummies contained “too many ingredients”. The manufacturers then presented me with a “revised” formula containing a lackluster and significantly under-dosed ingredient list while being obscenely high in sugar content.

My goal throughout this process always was to deliver a high-quality product. After more brainstorming with the gummy manufacturers, they still couldn’t produce a preworkout gummy with an effective dosage of ingredients. Plus, the minimum order quantity for production would need to be one million gummies! And most importantly, they wouldn’t be able to make them into bear shapes. How can I call it PWR Bears if they aren’t even bears??

Give Up on Preworkout Gummies?

After trying again to find manufacturers to produce my preworkout gummy idea, I still had no luck. For a moment, I considered giving up on the idea of starting a supplement business. However, I’m too stubborn to ever quit anything. My persistence told me to entertain the idea of a powdered preworkout supplement instead. Still struck on the extremely unique idea of preworkout gummies, I wanted to make something a little different.

With even more research into supplementation, I discovered a wildly unique and little-known ingredient called Lion’s Mane Extract. After reading multiple studies and even taking the supplement myself, I found the difference maker for my preworkout idea.

lion's mane extract from lionblast

With a new idea, I found a new supplement manufacturer from the Pittsburgh, PA, area called SDC Nutrition. They were extraordinarily easy to work with and helped fulfill the realization of my idea for LionBlast to develop into an actual, physical high-quality product.

Why Does Any of This Matter?

I could’ve quit when no manufacturer was able to develop the premium product I envisioned. Instead, I realized when it was time to go back and rethink everything. With enough of my own perseverance, it all worked itself out in the end and I was able to create a premium pre-workout in LionBlast. Strangely enough, there are now 2 major supplement companies who sell preworkout gummies. Both of which have the same problem I faced at the time – significantly under-dosed ingredient labels and high sugar content.

The main takeaway from this story is to never give up. Things will never go as planned for you in any situation. Nevertheless, the way you handle the obstacles you are presented will determine how badly you want to succeed and how badly you desire to achieve your end goal.

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