3 Reasons Why Nootropics Benefit Bodybuilders

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Nootropics are continuing to grow in popularity in the supplement sector. These natural supplements are used to boost brain functions such as focus, concentration, mood, and motivation. However, nootropics aren’t just for students looking to focus while studying or business execs looking to out-think their competition. There are reasons why nootropics can benefit bodybuilders too.

Bodybuilders, just like everyone else, have days where they feel physically and mentally exhausted and not “in-the-zone”. Not being focused and mentally psyched can result in poor physical performance. Bodybuilding is as much mental as it is physical. In the gym, you need to push yourself mentally and hype yourself up to achieve new PR’s and lift that heavy weight you never thought you could. Nootropics can significantly boost your brain to kickstart your body. Unlocking the ultimate mind-to-muscle connection is the answer to optimal gains.

#1 Boost Focus

Bodybuilders, both professional and recreational, require maximum focus to lift more weight or push through more reps. Sometimes daily life can be a distraction and rob us of our focus. These distractions can include work, family issues, relationships, or something that’s clouding your mind. Setting aside mental distractions is important before hitting the gym. For bodybuilders, your mind should focus on one thing, conquering your workout and being better than yesterday. Focus enhancing nootropics can benefit bodybuilders in this aspect.

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A powerful focus boosting nootropic for bodybuilders is Lion’s Mane Extract. This powerful nootropic helps reduce inflammation and improves blood flow to provide your brain with more oxygen. As a result, you experience better brain performance and intensified focus. Another way in which Lion’s Mane Extract boosts your focus is by stimulating nerve growth factor (NGF) production. NGF helps maintain the neurons in your brain which are responsible for helping your brain process and focus on information. Amping up your focus with Lion’s Mane Extract before the gym will help you focus on that superior mind-to-muscle connection so you can focus on the pumps. Everybody likes pumps.

#2 Increased Motivation

Bodybuilding requires everything you have both mentally and physically. If you aren’t motivated to get up and better yourself, then you probably aren’t hitting the gym. Getting motivated to go to the gym is the first step. You then need to be motivated to put in the work. Nootropics can benefit bodybuilders by boosting your motivation and mood.

Taurine is a prominent nootropic and amino acid which helps boost and stabilize mood. Imagine you’re down in the dumps and need a quick motivation boost to get you psyched and excited to go in the gym to pick up some heavy stuff. The mood boosting benefits of Taurine will help elevate your mood which, as a result, will increase your motivation. Another nootropic aiding in motivation and mood boosting is Tyrosine. Tyrosine influences the production of neurotransmitters in the brain related to mood. It also acts as a building block to brain chemicals such as dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine which are all associated with mental drive and motivation.

#3 Amplifies Energy

The most consumed nootropic of all time and used in nearly all pre-workout supplements is caffeine. Caffeine helps stimulate your mind and body to boost energy, promote wakefulness, and increase your alertness. These traits are beneficial to bodybuilders because more energy means less fatigue. However, caffeine can have some downsides. Excessive caffeine consumption can lead to headaches, jitteriness, and nervousness. To counter these negative effects, bodybuilders pair caffeine with another nootropic called Theanine. Theanine is a common nootropic and amino acid found in green tea. Theanine helps enable a calming feeling of relaxation without any negative effects. Pre-workouts, just like LionBlast, are now slowly starting to combine caffeine and Theanine in their mixes because Theanine will offset the negative high-stim effects from caffeine.

Another nootropic which helps boost energy is Creatine. People don’t normally think of Creatine as a nootropic but instead as a muscle building supplement. Creatine is a physical and mental energy building supplement. When working out, we not only exert physical energy that needs replenished but mental energy too. When our bodies need energy, they convert Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) into Adenosine Diphoshate (ADP). To not bore you with the molecular process talk, basically our bodies break off a phosphate molecule from the ATP (triphosphate = 3) and then it becomes ADP (diphosphate = 2) resulting in a release of energy. Creatine supplementation helps because it adds back a phosphate molecule to ADP so it can be a recharged ATP again. Think of it as refueling your physical and mental batteries. With more energy, we can lift more weight for longer periods of time resulting in more gains.

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There are many more nootropics not listed above which also aid in areas of focus, motivation, and energy boosting. Many of the nootropics mentioned boost more than just 1 area. This mean the benefits of individual nootropics for bodybuilders aren’t mutually exclusive. For example, Lion’s Mane Extract also helps with motivation and energy.

Nootropics can also help improve reaction time and mental comprehension. Imagine if you practice MMA, Olympic lifting, or competitive swimming as a physical activity. There are complex motor patterns which need to be learned quickly and mastered with perfect form. Nootropic supplementation would give athletes in those areas a competitive advantage in training.

Now imagine a pre-workout that doesn’t just jack up your nervous system with dangerous levels of high stimulants but instead switches on your brain to provide smooth energy, intense mental focus, height motivational drive, and immense clarity. LionBlast Pre-Workout + Nootropic supplies the best stimulants and pump boosters with the most effective nootropics to switch on your brain for the ultimate mind-to-muscle connection while training.

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