6 Best Nootropic Ingredients

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Nootropics are brain boosting supplements composed of a variety of compounds. Studies have proven that nootropics help in enhancing cognition, improving focus, increasing alertness and much more. Some nootropics can even improve your blood flow, stimulate nerve growth production, modify your synapses, boost mood, and improve your memory.

In the current world, nootropics are gaining immense popularity and mass appeal. One particular study found that more than 24% of college students in the U.S. used some type of brain stimulant at least once. However, nootropics don’t just benefit college students needing focus to study for exams. Quality nootropics can benefit everyone from college students needing more focus to study, an athlete who needs more of a mind-to-muscle connection in the gym, or older people looking for a memory boost.

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is the most commonly used nootropic. The caffeine in your morning cup or coffee or in your pre-workout gives you alertness due to it being a natural stimulant.

Some studies show caffeine improves memory and reaction time while making you feel more energized. However, the effects of caffeine do not last long. As a result, the feelings only linger for a few hours.

2. Lion’s Mane Extract

You knew we had to put this one on the list, duh. Lion’s Mane Extract comes from a mushroom resembling a lion’s mane and was used as an ancient Chinese remedy for improving cognitive performance.

If you look at all of the current best nootropic stacks, Lion’s Mane is always listed in them because research shows that it stimulate enzyme production in the brain and can repair and create neurons in the brain. This boost of neuron production can lead to improved memory, faster learning, better recall, and a mood boost. Like caffeine, Lion’s Mane increases mental alertness and heightens focus – something much needed in the gym. With it’s mood boosting properties, it has been shown to lower anxiety and decrease depression in some people.

3. Theanine

Theanine is normally found in green and black teas and is known as the anxiety reducing nootropic. Like the previously mentioned nootropics, Theanine enhances alertness, improves cognition, and reduces anxiety. It also enhances relaxation and arousal.

Supplement compares sometimes combine theanine with caffeine because both work to increase memory, mental endurance, and reaction time. The reason it’s paired with caffeine is because even though it works with caffeine, it works against the jittery, crash effects associated with caffeine. Pairing these two together gives you a smoother energized feeling so that the boost from caffeine occurs gradually and subsides more smoothly.

4. Tyrosine

Tyrosine is a highly effective nootropic that can boost cognitive function. Its role is to maintain cognitive performance when you’re under any form of stress. It helps improve decision making, creativity, and problem solving.

5. Taurine

This nootropic is an abundant amino acid in your brain, spinal cord, and eyes. Plus, it’s found in nearly every tissue in your body. Taurine is used a lot in energy drinks but taurine is not a stimulant like caffeine.

Many people supplement with Taurine to improve eyesight, reduce muscle pain, lessen depression, and boost mood. Some have even suggested that supplementing with Taurine to lower blood pressure.

One study examined the effects of Taurine on male weight lifters and found that those supplementing with Taurine were able to train longer. In another study, it was shown that people who took Taurine before a heavy lifting session experienced reduced soreness.

6. Creatine

Not many people know this but creatine is also considered a nootropic and is known by some as a power packing nootropic. Made in the human body and stored in brain tissues and muscles, Creatine supports the body’s energy needs. Also, creatine is mostly known for its recovery benefits in weight lifting to alleviate soreness and muscle fatigue.

Creatine helps enhance mental functions in sleep-deprived individuals and can improve performance related to cognitive tasks. One study found that people taking creatine experienced a 25% – 50% improvement in cognitive performance on memory and intelligence tests

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