Lion’s Mane Extract

lions mane extract chemical structure

Time to get scientific! Lion’s Mane Extract (LME) is the signature ingredient in LionBlast pre-workout and is a blend of molecular components derived from an ancient Asian medicinal mushroom. Based on scientific studies and clinical research, LME has been shown to protect against memory loss, significantly improve cognition, heighten focus, and lower the risk of mental decline. Along with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, LME has also been known to improve mood and relieve anxiety related to stress whether it be from work, school, or everyday life. ⠀

In one study, participants who took LME on a regular basis saw increased levels of cognitive performance, improved memory, and higher scores on cognitive testing; thus, highlighting the necessity of continuous use of LME to improve cognitive ability and focus. Additional discovered benefits of LME include its ability to stimulate the immune system, reverse symptoms of mental ailments, possibly protect against cancer, improve digestive health, and support the heart and circulatory system. Lastly, it is said to have anti-fatigue and anti-aging properties in some studies.⠀

This super supplement is a brain boosting beast and with its plethora of benefits to the mind and body, everyone should try working it into their supplement regime.

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